高级管理人员培训硕士 & Consulting

汤森研究所的M.A. 高管培训 & 咨询项目


Are you looking for a career that engages your strengths and skills, 提供有意义的工作, and allows you to come alongside other leaders in achieving their goals?

Our online 高级管理人员培训硕士 and Consulting is one of the only graduate-level degrees of its kind in the nation. Our uniqueness is that we will train you in two marketable areas:

  • 高管培训, in which you will help leaders increase their performance and success skills for their organizations.
  • Consulting, 在这里,你将进入组织的实际世界, 通过制定策略帮助他们实现目标, training, 指导和发展他们的领导和团队.



  • 英语授课




Accredited: ICF认可的教练培训计划


Accredited: WASC高级学院和大学委员会认证


加速: 12-19个月课程


  • 学习如何促进转变关系
  • 成为一个实用的,以技能为基础的实践者
  • 亲自向博士学习. 约翰·汤森
  • 与世界级的基督教思想领袖接触

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这是我一生中最深刻的经历. 脆弱+爱 & 安全=成长,治愈 & 深连接!

M.A. 高管培训 & Consulting



体验一种新的关系教育. 加入我们的在线直播,听取我们的教师, 学术顾问, 当前的学生, 和校友们分享他们在汤森学院的经历.

  • Ask Dr. 约翰·汤森 your questions about the Institute and our offerings
  • Learn how our counseling and leadership programs can advance your career
  • Connect with other prospective students exploring our programs
  • Become eligible for scholarships and other prizes by participating in our info session

Founded by best-selling author and leading Christian thought leader Dr. 约翰·汤森, the 欧文康考迪亚大学汤森德研究所 brings together Christians from all across the country and across all walks of life. 多年来,. Townsend, along with the Institute’s Fellows and faculty, have been transforming lives. Now you too have the opportunity to learn from master practitioners with decades of real world experience.

The Master's 高管培训 and Consulting will take between 1 year and 19 months for a total of 33 credits. 学生将一次学习一到两个为期7周的课程. Learning activities will involve approximately 10 to 12 hours of the student’s time investment each week. It is suggested that students working full time take only one course at a time.

通过顺利完成文学硕士课程, participants will earn 163 hours of coach-specific training and mentor coaching required for the 国际教练联合会 (ICF)专业认证教练(PCC)证书.


  • EXCC 600:个人发展技能流程组 (3 units)
  • 行政会议602:建立健康的文化和表现 (3 units)
  • EXCC 604:领导变革和激励 (3 units)
  • EXCC 612:高管培训和性格发展 (3 units)
  • EXCC 613:发展高管培训关系 (3 units)
  • EXCC 614:高级高管培训 (3 units)
  • EXCC 603: Mindful Leadership, Neuroscience, and Emotional Intelligence (3 units)
  • EXCC 616 or 611: Presentation and Training Skills or Establishing Your Coaching & 咨询业务 (1 unit)
  • excexc617:咨询技巧 (3 units)
  • EXCC 618:实习:高管培训与咨询1 (1 unit)
  • EXCC 619:实习:高管培训与咨询2 (1 unit)
  • EXCC 620:高管培训和咨询顶点 (3 units)


  • excel607:团体辅导 (3 units)
  • ORGL 615:服务型领导 (3 units)
  • ORGL 605:团队建设,冲突管理 (3 units)
  • ORGL 616:基本沟通策略 (3 units)
  • ORGL 611:有效的战略和执行 (3 units)

有关课程说明,请参阅 学术目录.


The Townsend Institute takes a different approach to academics. We know it’s the time you spend with people who have legitimate on-the-ground experiences and have accomplished their goals that has the greatest impact. That’s why we provide students with the opportunity to personally learn from Dr. 约翰·汤森,我们研究所的研究员和教职员工. Together, 他们培养了一种关系学习经验, 通过科学和数据解决大脑和心脏的问题.

我们相信频繁的交易有很大的价值, real-time interaction with fellow students and your instructors. Our graduate programs launch with a 4-Day Residency where you will meet Dr. Townsend personally as he and our Townsend Institute Fellows conduct a series of trainings. You will also go through 8 process-focused growth groups – you will not leave the same person.

To learn more about the Institute’s 4-day Residency, attend a 汤森现场信息会议.

The Townsend Institute is housed within 欧文康考迪亚大学, a private, Lutheran university. Located in Southern California, Concordia serves over 4,每年有1000名学生, on campus and online. 以基督教世界观为中心的, 在大使命的指引下, Concordia is home to a thoughtful and caring community of learners.

  • Leaders who want to increase their value to their organization by adding the skill of coaching, 哪种工作通常能提供晋升的机会. When you integrate coaching knowledge and skills into your leadership style, you learn how to have powerful coaching conversations that increase trust, initiative, 提高团队成员的绩效.
  • 顾问和执行教练 谁想学习汤森能力 & Character coaching and consulting model while earning a graduate academic degree.
  • 那些正在向职业过渡的人 in executive coaching and consultation in response to the emergence of executive coaching as an established and distinct profession within the international field of individual and organizational development.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but we encourage you to have all documentation in two weeks prior to the start of each term. If you have any questions about the admissions process or need any assistance, 请不要犹豫与我们联系.


  • 一份申请,申请费50美元,不予退还
  • 学生成功费:50美元
  • One official transcript from a regionally accredited college or university that shows your confirmed bachelor’s degree. Official college transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope.
  • 累积绩点必须达到3分.00 on a 4.00 scale
  • Written essay (2 pages, 500 words) addressing the following items:
    • 个人、职业和教育目标
    • In your experience, what is the best way that a person grows or changes?
    • What parts of your personality do you feel are conducive to your potential success in forming effective counseling relationships?
    • What is your capacity as a counselor to treat all those in need and show respect for cultural differences?
    • What interested you in applying to the Townsend Institute as opposed to other programs?
  • 最少1名专业人士 reference required.
  • 当前的职业简历

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