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Psychology Minor

School of Arts and Sciences

The Value of a College Minor

By declaring a minor, 你将有机会追求专业以外的兴趣. 在你感兴趣的领域获得额外的知识也会对你未来的职业生涯有所帮助! 这不仅会让你的技能和知识更加全面, 但你也会向未来的雇主证明,你愿意努力工作,并超出他们的期望.


  • Psychology Minor
  • 18 Units
  • Choose one of the following courses:
  • PSY 313: Developmental Psychology: Childhood
  • 3

在这门课程中,通过对与成长过程相关的理论和研究证据以及方法论问题的考察,我们将追踪人类成长的生理和心理方面的发展,从出生到童年. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above.

  • PSY 314: Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
  • 3

本课程将研究青少年时期的人类发展,重点是研究与青少年发展有关的理论和研究数据,包括家庭背景下的问题和调整模式, peer groups, school, and society.

  • 鸟叔315:发展心理学:成年和衰老
  • 3

本课程介绍有关成人的主要心理和发展问题, aging, and the aging process; will examine the issues associated with the physical, psychological, cultural, and social aspects of aging; give students a better understanding of the grief process as it relates to the issues of adulthood and aging; and dispel many of the myths and stereotypes about aging. Offered alternate years.

  • PSY 320: Developmental Psychology: Lifespan
  • 3

本课程将着重于包括童年在内的人类一生的发展和变化, adolescence, adulthood, and aging. Physical, social, communicative, emotional, 认知问题将与每个发展阶段的预期里程碑一起涵盖,同时关注每个人独特的多方面生理, psychological, sociological, and spiritual dimensions.

  • Choose five of the following courses:
  • ESS 365: Sport Psychology
  • 3

本课程将讨论精神运动和认知因素在人类运动环境中的作用,以及觉醒的选定主题, attribution theory, achievement motivation, anxiety, interventions, goal setting, attention styles, aggression, social facilitation, social reinforcement, and imagery.

  • PSY 202: Human Sexuality
  • 3

这门调查课程将着眼于人类性行为的主题,以基督教伦理为基础,指导性行为和性行为的发展,包括性别认同, sexual orientation, sexual anatomy, contraception, reproduction and birthing, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunctions, and the paraphilias.

  • PSY 261: Chemical Dependency and Addiction
  • 3


  • PSY 331: Marriage and the Family
  • 3

Using a Christian approach to marriage, 本课程将学习家庭及其亲密环境,包括讨论作为社会制度的家庭中的求爱和角色关系. 重点将放在家庭性质的变化上, family problems, and family strengths.

  • PSY 340: Introduction to Biopsychology
  • 3

这门行为学生物学基础的入门课程将包括神经系统的结构和功能, brain-behavior relationships, and hormonal and genetic effects on behavior. Prerequisites: PSY 101; limited to psychology and behavioral science majors or consent of instructor.

  • PSY 345: Social Psychology
  • 3

本课程将探讨社会影响对人格和行为模式发展的影响,包括社会化, attitude formation and change, communication, propaganda, roles and stereotypes, leadership, and collective behavior.

  • PSY 351: Personality Theory
  • 3

本课程将通过检查心理系统来研究人格,这些系统决定了个体对环境的独特调整,包括主要问题和各种人格理论和基础研究. (所有高级心理学课程的备选先决条件.)

  • PSY 361: Abnormal Psychology
  • 3

This introductory course will look at the symptoms, causes, treatment, 精神病理学的预防,包括焦虑的话题, personality, and psychophysiological disorders; psychoses; addictions; sexual deviations; and organic disorders. Prerequisite: PSY 101 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

  • PSY 371: Cognition
  • 3

这门以理论和研究为基础的课程将探讨认知背后的心理过程, imagery, attention, memory, language, reading, reasoning, decision making, and problem solving.

  • PSY 403: Health Psychology
  • 3

不像传统的模型和思想流派,把疾病仅仅看作是器官的故障或身体系统的崩溃, 本课程将介绍健康和疾病是生物之间复杂相互作用的一部分, psychological, and social factors.

  • PSY 441: Clinical and Forensic Psychology
  • 3

本课程将涵盖临床心理学的历史和当前的专业问题, psychological assessment, training, 道德问题强调心理学家在法庭上作为专家证人的作用. Prerequisite: PSY 361 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

  • PSY 466: Principles of Counseling
  • 3

本基础课程将使学生了解心理咨询的内容和过程,包括基本技巧, legal and ethical issues, crisis intervention, cultural sensitivity, how and when to refer, control-mastery theory, and the integration of psychology and theology.

Current students, 请注意:这里列出的要求可能不反映该辅修课程的最新课程,也可能不是您要完成辅修课程的目录年的要求. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify.

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